Château de Bourdeau

The wine tasting cellar


Michel Grisard has always thought the Savoy region has a huge potential for producing fine wines.
After the creation, in 1983, of the ‘Domaine Prieuré Saint Christophe’ and the ambition to create fine wines with ‘Mondeuse’; the Savoyarde wine producer participated in the rehabilitation of the uncultivated  hillsides of Cevins (Domaine des Ardoisieres).    The rehabilitation of the Chateau de Bourdon is done with the same intent; start with a very fine potential in abandon and produce from it, a jewel.
Here, the vines are arranged as in an amphitheatre, and include species such as ‘l’Altesse’, ‘le Cacaboué’, ‘le Chasselas’, ‘le Gringet’, ‘le Jacquère’ la ‘Mondeuse Blanche’ and even the ‘Roussane’.  This plot of land will give birth to a very nice bottle, produced by traditional methods, under the name of  ‘Les Amants du Lac’.
These bubbles from a wine vat, very confidential and unique, which will be offered, not only on the wine list of the ‘Chat qui Nage’, but also in the wine tasting cellar.
From October 2016, the wine cellar will also permit one to discover exceptional wines, essentially from the Alpine Arch. The majority are produced in the Savoy vats, but also, from Slovenia to the Mediterranean, come a selection of original wines which, have in common, the fact that they were born in a valley of this large and beautiful region of the Alps.
An ideal place for tasting and sharing, this exceptional wine cellar will be arranged around a very beautiful, period fireplace, permitting the organisation of events, ‘made to measure’ evenings with themes including wine tasting (with a wine expert), buffets, or animations on Alpine cultivation.