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Michel_GrisardL’ARC ALPIN par Michel Grisard

Dear Friends,
As a Savoyard wine producer, I have always believed my region had an immense potential to produce first class wines.
In 1983, I created the ‘Domaine Prieuré Saint Christophe’, with the ambition ‘to make first class wines with the ‘Mondeuse’, when, at the time, it was not well liked. I realised my bet by placing it on the wine list of the most well known restaurants. In 1998, a mad project saw the light of day, with the rehabilitation of the uncultivated hillside of the Cevins, thus creating the ‘Domaine des Ardoisières’. The rehabilatation of the Chateau de Bourdeau is with the same intention; start with an abandoned, but fine potential and finish with a jewel.
I collaborated, naturally in the realisation of this beautiful project, by planting the vines in the form of an amphitheatre. These grapevines are ‘l’Altesse, ‘le Cacaboué’, ‘le Chasselas’,’le Gringet’, ‘la Jacquere’, ‘la Mondeuse Blanche’ and ‘la Roussane’. All these grapes have given birth to a very fine bottle, produced by traditional means, under the name of ‘Les Amants du Lac’. Bubbles from a wine vat, very confidential and unique, which will be proposed to you on this wine list.
Responsible for the , I wanted this wine list, original, with the grapevines being ancient and from the ‘Arc Alpin’ region. The majority are made in Savoy vats, but we find, from Slovenia to the Mediterranean, a selection of original wines which, have in common the fact they were all born in a valley of this beautiful and large region of the Alps, covering six countries. These are wines which come from little known grapes with extraordinary potential. They often contain little alcohol yet produce wines, either very generous or of a strong character, but always very original. They are cultivated and their grapes turned into wine by men and women, passionate for their craft.
I hope that you will be agreeably surprised on discovering them at the Chateau de Bourdeau and at the table of the ‘Chat qui Nage’. These wines marry perfectly with the kitchen, also original, of Sion Evans, in harmony with the romantic atmosphere of this locality.